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  • Cadeau uit Tanzania
    Wat een mooi cadeau en lief gebaar als dank voor onze inzet voor deze kinderen. Op één beker staat een aantal kinderen voor wie we het schoolgeld hebben betaald. Op de andere beker staan Rhoda en ik [LEES VERDER]


My name is Marion de Koning, founder of the All For The Future foundation. With my foundation I focus, among other things, on the structural support of the learning climate in Tanzania. The focus is on the municipalities Moshi and Himo, both located at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. All For The Future does not provide short-term development aid, but rather invests in long-term sustainable cooperation with local volunteers and school boards. Local cooperation is essential to realize structural changes.


All For The Future focuses on the future of children by supporting their families and their education. The goal is that children can go to school and continue to do so. This greatly increases their chances of a successful future for themselves and their families. For example, we renovated a computer room and paid for the school-lunches of 25 children for the entire 2023 school year. We did much more of course and we are constantly thinking about new initiatives to which you can also contribute.


In Tanzania, there are challenges in education, healthcare and poverty reduction that affect the future of children. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to develop and grow up in a safe environment. We are committed to this together with local volunteers. Will you help us? With your support, we can continue our commitment to our three main pillars: education for all, supporting good healthcare, and economic empowerment for single mothers.